Housing & Residence Life

Recommendation for Resident Staff 2019-2020

This recommendation is due by 12:00 noon on January 18th.

Thank you for taking the time to recommend a candidate for the position of Resident Advisor. Please fill out all information below as completely and accurately as possible. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation form, please contact the Vice Chair of Resident Staff Selections, Harper North, at selectionsuva@gmail.com.

To ensure a de-identified, fair review, please do not include the candidate's name in your comments.

Applicant Identification Information

The candidate should have provided you with their email/computing ID for identification. Please do not include "@virginia.edu".
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Recommender Contact Information

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Recommendation Questionnaire

Resident Advisors play an integral role in the UVA community fostering inclusive and healthy living environments in support of the Housing & Residence Life mission and core values. Please make an honest judgment on the qualities of the student you are evaluating, in comparison to other students you have worked with.

Judgment: The candidate demonstrates an understanding of a variety of events and situations, and is able to take actions consistent with this understanding.

Initiative: The candidate establishes achievable goals and follows them to completion in both individual and group activities.

Teamwork: The candidate is an effective group member and is capable of working well with a variety of different group members.

Responsibility: The candidate demonstrates a commitment to their activities and is reliable.

Communication Skills: The candidate engages in prompt, professional communication both in writing and in person. He/She is capable of effectively communicating thoughts and feelings to groups of people.

Relationship Building: The candidate connects well with others, building healthy social bonds.

Professionalism: The candidate carries themselves, behaves, and communicates in an appropriate, responsible, and ethical way.

Problem Solving: The candidate offers original and creative solutions to problems and challenges.

Academic Role Modeling: The candidate makes their school work a high priority and works their best to uphold a high standard of academic achievement.

Inclusivity: The candidate solicits participation from diverse group members in both an academic and social setting and demonstrates a commitment to and understanding of diversity.

Respect for Peers: The candidate is tolerant of others' views and tactfully manages situations where others' views differ from their own.

Organizational Skills/Time Management: The candidate demonstrates an ability to effectively manage their time and activities.

Emotional Maturity: The candidate makes thoughtful decisions, effectively manages emotions, and conducts themselves in a mature way.

Honesty/Integrity: The candidate demonstrates moral character. They act in a manner consistent with his/her own values, regardless of any personal sacrifice required of them.

Listening Skills: The candidate demonstrates well-developed active listening skills. When speaking to the candidate, one feels that the candidate is actively engaged in listening, and the candidate is capable of accurately understanding information communicated to them.

Leadership Ability: When necessary, the candidate can function as an effective leader, both in academic and social situations.

Empathy/Warmth: The candidate exudes genuine kindness and approachability.

Overall Recommendation
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Highly Recommend

Please explain your overall recommendation. Why do you recommend or not recommend this candidate? (500 words max)

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